Intimate wedding in pastel colors

 Are you a  romantic person,  escaping from time to time in your dreams? Dare to show it, using  pastel color palette on your wedding!

Let yourself be inspired by this wonderful intimate wedding with pastel colors. The bride really wanted an outdoor wedding. This beautiful pastel intimate wedding for two with a vintage edge is completely dominated by the summer. A palette of cool pastels, the golden sunlight and the romance on the beach are the recipe for this inspiring wedding! The color theme for the wedding was simple and light, with lots of pastel pink and white. These pastels came back at the beautiful bouquet. Dream, and enjoy this pastel-colored wedding …

One of the most rewarding aspects of planning a wedding is being intentional with the color palette of one’s day, from decor to details to the dress. Every choice matters and compliments each other, adding to the overall aesthetic and design concept of the wedding day. Most importantly, each aesthetic decision contributes to the overall story being told by the various textures, shapes, and colors throughout the design of the wedding.

The pastel color palette is one of the most popular among brides, and for good reason: these beautiful, soft colors add richness and beauty to their day, while keeping the general palette calming and subtle. The story they tell is one of soft and serene romance. This editorial is inspired by the idea of continuing that pastel palette beyond the wedding day–to the honeymoon. We love the idea of embracing subtle color in our surroundings and sartorial choices. Be it a fantastic pair of rose-colored corduroys or a velvety bodysuit, an outfit with some blush is never a bad idea.

The main colors of this intimate wedding:

Aquamarine is a calming blue with an airy feel, chosen to instill rest and reduce stress.

White is color in its purest form, representing innocence, wholeness and perfection. It is the blank canvas waiting to be written upon, opening the way for the creation of anything the mind can imagine.

Pale blue is a color of freedom and creativity. It inspires tranquillity.

Cherry blossom pink creates a mood of gentle warmth, love and thoughtfulness.

This spring the focus is on cooler, softer, pale pastels and subtle warm tones to evoke our love our nature.



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trouwfotograaf utrecht
romantische foto's
verlovings shoot bruidegom pastel ideeen
bruid pastel kleur
trouwen buiten pastel kleur bruiloft
русский свадебный фотограф нидерланды
trouwen op het strand


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