Better vacation photos: simple tips.

How to take better vacation pictures with photo tips and  examples from my own family trips.
Some simple tips you should follow to get nice vacation pictures using your  camera, Iphone, Ipad or any other non-professional stuff.
Good news: this blogpost is very short, useful, full of examples and there is nothing here about those stupid settings! Isn’t it nice?

Typing in Google “tips for better vacation photo’s” I figure out that most tips are from professionals,  they are way too professional… and boring (big smile here). Who cares of shutter speed on vacation?! Come on! It should be relaxed, fun and as simple as possible.
If I go with my family on vacation, I’m faaaaaaaar away from being professional, I’m acting and photographing in “mother”-mode, “photographer”- mode is switched off. That’s why you can trust me))
 Here we start with a golden tip: get up early! Once again: get up early, especially in a busy city it’s 99% success.
1st photo: Amsterdam, 7-30 a.m. The result: nice clear photo.
2nd photo: Florance 2 p.m, too crowdy. The result: no way to make a good photo.
hoe maak je goede vakantie foto's
 Avoid the common point of view.
Stop making a picture in a crowded place. It’s hopeless! If you want, though, to get a recognizable view, go away! Check (or Google) some another places with less crowd.
Photo:  We were here to park our car.  Suddenly we found out that the view from this point  is stunning. Nice view above Parking Il Campo, Siena
hoe maak je goede vakantie foto's
– First scout, then shoot. Say, you stay at a beautiful place for a week. During the  first two days don’t shoot at all. Relax and watch: place, light, action. For example, if you are with your children, you notice that they always prefer one place above another. It makes your “job” easier.
Photo:  I was examining the light here for two days. You see, I’m shooting in the “golden hour”, just before sunset.
   hoe maak je goede vakantie foto's
– Second golden tip: try several times, make more shoots ( about 10 times one shoot is not so crazy, believe me!). Move !
Photo: Made by my husband in Florance. 1st attempt was no success: harsh ligth. We turned around and he got a nice pic with his phone.
hoe maak je goede vakantie foto's
– To avoid “photobomb” – WAIT!
Photo: Florance. I pushed a button 4 times waiting for this girl to go away.
hoe maak je goede vakantie foto's
– Just do it everywhere! Anyway, taking pictures is better than not taking it! It’s not about perfection, it’s about good family memories.
hoe maak je goede vakantie foto's
– The last tip. Very important for  all mom’s. I know, you are mostly busy taking vacation photos, right? Please, give the camera to any of your family members and let them shoot you! Please-please. Your children really need you to be on the photos, not only behind the camera!
hoe maak je goede vakantie foto's



Daniëlle Hasselman-van Der Sijde : 18:15 August 8, 2014 Reply
Your tip on getting up early is fine, but you can also take wonderful pics in a town center after the shops close and all the tourists have gone!(And it 's also a good reason to try out a nice restaurant ;) )
Ellina Goncharova : 19:16 August 22, 2014 Reply
Great tips, Anastasia! I will use them :)

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