Unexpected Dutch Wedding Venues

I want to shout this: there are a lot more wedding venues in the Netherlands than you might imagine!
 You may be surprised to find that one can have a wedding party almost everywhere in the Netherlands.
The non-Dutch couples can not imagine what opportunities are available here. A few days ago I met a lovely couple, both expats. They would never expect that it’s allowed to rent a space in some old historical library. They did not even dare to contact the library about it.

I quickly googled it – and voila – it’s possible!

How about a wedding in an arthouse cinema – to rent a cinema room for a while?
To celebrate your big day in a mill?
In a museum? Botanical garden? Planetarium?
Besides getting married in the town hall, you’ve got a lot of other options. Whether you want to be wed in a church, outside, on a boat or if you want something that’s sdifferent, The Netherlands has got you covered!
The possibilities are endless and extend much further than the castle-farm-hotel-restaurant.
Literally: if you love some location and dream to celebrate your wedding there – just go there for a talk or write an email and ask if you can get married there. In most cases, the answer would be “Yes”, to your surprise.
As an illustration: a wedding in a historic building, which was built for Adrian, the first and only Dutch pope:

Wedding in Pope Adrian house


1. Tassenmuseum, Amsterdam. Style: classic, elegant, timeless.
2. Sonnenborgh Observatory, Utrecht. Style: modern, classic.
3. Old Botanical Garden, Utrecht. Style: vintage, modern.
4. Metaal Kathedraal, Utrecht. Style: industrial, vintage, shabby chic.
… And what is/was your wedding venue? How did you find it? Did you like it? Share your opinion, help others to find their unique way to say “Yes, I do!”.
tassenmuseum amsterdam sterrenwacht utrecht botanical garden utrecht metalen kathedraal utrecht trouwen

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